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Firstly, this company was registered under the name of J.Y. Tech Co., Ltd. then there were name registration changed two times after that to A.I. Research and Design Co., Ltd. on August 23, 2007 and finally changed to A.I. Foundry & Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

According to the company in A.I. Technology group is a manufacturer of spare parts for agricultural machinery business, it has been in business since the end of 1997, and due to the continuing growth of the business and competition in terms of production costs, the main factor is the casting parts by outsourcing to manufacture raw materials for molding to sell.

This leads to the difficulty of bargaining to reduce raw material costs.

However with the executives' vision seeing the continued growth of the casting parts business and to manufacture deliver to the company in A.I. Group so "A.I. Foundry & Manufacturing Co., Ltd." was established on September 14, 2010 for the casting business. To deliver raw materials to the A.I. Group, to manufacture casting parts for the casting industry and to compete with competitors in the existing market.

At present, it has expanded its customer base to the automotive industry, agricultural machinery business and etc.

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