With the idea to be the first and the best THAI company that can design and manufacturing the sophisticated machines for such industries at the same or even better quality level at cheaper cost.

To achieve the objective, we stress on utilizing the experienced Thai staff, advanced 3D design software, quality management system, and high accuracy machining facilities, competitive cost structure, and good after sale services, good communication to create the valuable link with the customers.

From the beginning, we have to try hard to get the acceptance from the international customers in Thailand. Though being the local, new and small company, gradually, we gained confidence from the customer until achieve the certain level of customer satisfaction, today.

For the continuous improvement, we will maintain and strengthen our competitive edges in design, quality, cost and services. We will put more value added to our staff, transform to learning culture organization, and raise the technology level in machine design and manufacturing of Thailand, to contribute the benefits to the customers and Thai society.

Profile & History

A.I.TECHNOLOGY was established at first as an engineering design company in 1993, during the period of the Thai economy rapid growth in 1992 before it collapsed in 1997.

At that time, or even today, most of the machines for production line of automotive, computer, electrical appliances industries were imported from abroad.

  • 2006 - Move all operations to new Pathumthani Factory, land space 16,000 sq.m
  • 1999 - Increase factory floor space to 1,200 sq.m
  • 1997 - Move the factory to Rangsit area, floor space 800 sq.m
  • 1995 - Invest in Factory facilities in Saraburi
  • 1993 - Established as an engineering design company. Introduce 3D design software.